We believe it’s possible for storage to meet rigorous safety standards without sacrificing brand appeal.

We offer packaging solutions with ASTM & CCPSA compliant, CPSC certified child-resistant closures and thoughtful design features, to ensure your product stays safe and contaminant free.

Meet local compliance laws, without the hassle.

With over 4+ years in the cannabis industry, KacePack™ have successfully shipped over 30 million+ packaging products to 35+ cannabis brands globally in both recreational and medical space.

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We believe in equity, opportunity, and justice for communities across the globe that have been historically marginalized.

We only work with manufacturing partners that prioritize the safety and wellbeing of all of the workers involved in our supply chain.

Each of our suppliers is verified and adheres to local health, safety and labor regulations. Our suppliers are proudly certified by organizations like SEDEX and hold certifications like WCA (Workplace Conditions Assessment) from Intertek.

Our close proximity to our factory partners uniquely positions us to ensure compliance is upheld throughout our supply chain, enabling our local workforce to progress and thrive.

We invest in our own manufacturing partners, so we can manage, optimize and drive innovation.

We collaborate with manufacturing partners to improve fabrication techniques, while doing what we can to leverage alternative materials in order to find the best way to execute your brand's vision with ethical and sustainable solutions that remain compliant.

We handle sourcing, QC and logistics, providing you with full control of your supply chain from product concept to delivery so you can rest assured your brand meets our stringent health, safety and labor regulations.

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