Redefining freshness

The first automated pack and seal technology of its kind. With air-tight seals, retain freshness for longer. Choose resealables or perforated individual seals for your edibles, flowers or pre-rolls.

Retain flavor for longer

Retain all the flavors you intended, for longer. With KaceFresh™ STIK, pack and seal edibles or pre-rolls with a resealable film. Your customers will enjoy the convenience of resealing your goods to share with friends later.

Reduce costs

Streamline your operations and eliminate errors. Apply resealable stickers in a single standalone station and improve your bottom line.

Perforated individual seals

Increase customer loyalty with perfectly smooth and potent pre-rolls. KaceFresh™ HS seals in freshness for each individual pre-roll so your customers can enjoy each joint as fresh as the day it was packed.

Increase efficiency

Automate your pack and seal process with KaceFresh™ HS. Increase productivity with daily outputs of up to 2,000+ sealed blisters per day per station.

Streamline your operations and eliminate errors. Prime, seal, score in three standalone stations operated in sequence and improve your bottom line.

Multiple product types

KaceFresh™ adapts to your packaging and product needs, exclusively compatible with KacePack™’s tins, boxes and bags.

Whether you’re packing edibles, flower, or pre-rolls, KaceFresh™ delivers superior freshness. Happy customers, good for business.


Pack and seal with the latest, automated technology for the freshest product in the industry

KaceFresh™ HS

Automate your pack and seal process. Deliver individually sealed pre-rolls with a daily output of 2,000+ perforated, blister seals.

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KaceFresh™ STIK

Seal in potent flavors with air-tight, resealable stickers. A daily output of 2,000+ seals means more happy customers.

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Increase customer loyalty and profits

Make your first impression count.

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