We can do better to minimize our environmental impact

We’re committed to reducing our waste output and carbon emissions, so we’ve come up with long-term strategies to shrink our environmental footprint.

Alternative Materials

With product innovation at our core, we’re always exploring ways in which we can use new and different materials. It’s not just about trying to replace petroleum-based materials with natural alternatives, but it’s also about knowing which material poses the least impact on our planet.

We are not afraid to get into the science to ensure we’re providing low-impact materials for the most effective consumer waste management.

Recycle or reuse

It begins in our own backyard and extends to the manufacturing process - this perspective of reducing or reusing whenever possible aligns us with the modern and forward-thinking industry we service.

Hong Kong HQ is connected with GREEN@COMMUNITY to better manage even our own office waste. This means proper sorting, cleaning, and disposal to approved Environmental Protection Department locations within the city. It’s a small-scale decision, but it’s the baseline for our wider company goals.


We’re conscious that our products have to end up somewhere, and that more can be done to help inform people of proper disposal. We’re working to provide resources to our customers and the public that would lend to a better understanding of product life and the nuances associated with waste management.

By 2030, we plan to be a net zero contributor of waste into the environment.

In order to get there we’ve committed to leading local, and endorsing global initiatives that actively remove trash from the environment while continuing to measure our outputs.

How we operate

KacePack™ is an integrity based business that believes in ethical manufacturing while maintaining reliability and protecting our supply chain. We audit our partners rigorously to ensure they not only meet, but in many cases exceed regional standards. 


Whether we’re providing coal-free glass, bio-degradable bags or recyclable plastics, we will always be transparent and commit to tailoring sustainable, alternative materials to the geography of your market place to ensure optimal waste management and the least impact on the environment.

Waste & CO2 Footprint

Measuring and holding ourselves accountable is the first step, publishing annual impact reports so the public can track our progress towards our sizable goals is an additional step we’re willing to take so that our peers can hold us accountable as well.

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