Redefine freshness

Airtight seals in seconds ensures product stays fresh as the day it was packaged. Automate your packing & sealing processes with KaceFresh™. Happy customers, better business.

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Individually packed for easy consumption

Customers don’t eat an entire pack of edibles in one sitting. With KaceFresh™, your customers can enjoy single portions without exposing a whole tray of edibles to oxygen & moisture. Your product stays fresher, for longer.

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Safe from curious little hands

Our products are ASTM & CCPSA compliant, CPSC certified and engineered to safely prevent tampering or opening by children.

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Recycle & reuse

Reduce waste going to landfill. Any leftover material scraps are reused and recycled by our manufacturing partners to create new product. Nothing goes to waste.

At the end-of-life, KacePack™ tins and boxes can be reused, repurposed or fully recycled.

Elevate your brand

Increase customer loyalty and strengthen your branding. Customize our packaging options to match your brand’s unique vision with a variety of labelling and surface printing options.

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Reducing our climate impact

With low-impact upcycled plastics and coal-free glass, we’re taking steps to reduce our CO2 emissions and waste footprint.

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Make your first impression count.

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