Flawless, everytime

Produced by veteran manufacturers in the heart of Indonesia, the preroll mecca of the world, KacePack Preroll Cones are made by producers with decades of rolling experience.

Designed for automation

Make an easy transition to KacePack Preroll Cones. 100% compatible with industry standard Thumper & Knockbox Semi-Automated Cone Filling Machines, you'll be automating your filing in no time.

Eco-conscious sourcing

KacePack Preroll Cones are crafted in a choice of three paper types: Natural Brown, Bleached White and Organic Hemp. All of the paper we source is FSC certified which means the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers.

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Elevate your brand

Increase customer loyalty and strengthen your branding. Customize KacePack Prerolls to match your brandโ€™s unique vision with a choice of three standard filter and paper types plus logo and printing options to suit your brand.

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Reducing our climate impact

With low-impact upcycled plastics and coal-free glass, weโ€™re taking steps to reduce our CO2 emissions and waste footprint.

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