What’s Happening: August Monthly News Round-Up

What’s Happening: August Monthly News Round-Up

What’s Happening: August Monthly News Round-Up

As Maryland prepares to vote on marijuana legalization, New York begins accepting applications for the first licensing round. We’re rounding up the legal cannabis industry stories we’ve been reading this last month.

New Jersey Recreational Marijuana Sales Hit $80 Million Since Post-4/20 Launch

New Jersey raked in $4.6 million in tax revenue in the first 10 weeks since recreational cannabis sales launched. The tax revenue came from nearly $80 million customers spent on legal recreational marijuana between April 21 and June 30, the state Cannabis Regulatory Commission announced in a statement Friday. Marijuana Moment.

Switzerland To Launch Europe's First Cannabis Sales Pilot Program

Switzerland is to become the first European country to launch a cannabis sales pilot program to study the effects of cannabis legalization. The so-called "Weed Care" pilot program will be officially launched on September 15 and is scheduled to last for two and a half years, ending in March 2025. Forbes.

Here’s How Many Marijuana Shops New York Plans To Approve In Each Region Of The State In The First Licensing Round

With New York regulators set to begin accepting applications for the first round of adult-use marijuana retailer licenses for justice-involved people on Thursday, the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) has released a regional breakdown showing how those initial dispensary approvals will be distributed in regions across the state. Marijuana Moment.

Ohio Voters In Seven More Cities Will Decide On Marijuana Decriminalization At The Ballot This November

Ohio voters in at least seven cities will get a chance to join many of their neighboring jurisdictions in enacting local marijuana decriminalization at the ballot this November. This year, voters will decide on decriminalization in Corning, Helena, Hemlock, Kent, Laurelville, Rushville and Shawnee. Marijuana Moment.

Maryland Officials Certify Final Text Of Marijuana Legalization Ballot Question

Under the law that would be enacted if voters approve legalization at the ballot, the purchase and possession of up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis would be legal for adults. The legislation also would remove criminal penalties for possession of up to 2.5 ounces. Adults 21 and older would be allowed to grow up to two plants for personal use and gift cannabis without remuneration. Marijuana Moment.

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