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KacePack Landfill-Degradable Bags. Formulated with an enzyme based plastic-additive that allows bags to break down at an accelerated speed* in landfill conditions, reducing our waste contribution to the environment.

Safe from curious little hands

KacePack Landfill-Degradable Bags meet FDA Food-Grade Standards and are also ASTM certified & CCPSA compliant, CPSC certified to ensure safety and compliance while reducing our impact on the Earth.

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Optimize supply chain efficiency

KacePack child-safe bags can be configured to suit your manufacturing needs. Pre-seal for automated filling, or for manual filling, our bags are fully customizable.ย 

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Elevate your brand

Increase customer loyalty and strengthen your branding. Customize our packaging options to match your brandโ€™s unique vision with a choice of three standard sizes, logo and printing options to suit your brand.

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100% compostable mailer bags

Reduce your impact on the environment and improve customer loyalty with bio-degradable, compostable bags produced from corn-based materials.

Suitable for home-composting, KacePack mailer bags build on your brand experience while reducing your waste footprint.

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Reducing our climate impact

With low-impact upcycled plastics and coal-free glass, weโ€™re taking steps to reduce our CO2 emissions and waste footprint.

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*KacePack Landfill-Degradable Bags have been tested and passed ASTM 5511 requirements, during the length of the 45 day observation period approx. 9% of the overall product (calculated against overall weight) degraded in an anaerobic environment.

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