International Women’s Day | Meet Paradiso founder Christina DiPaci

International Women’s Day | Meet Paradiso founder Christina DiPaci

International Women’s Day | Meet Paradiso founder Christina DiPaci

Christina DiPaci is the founder and CEO of Paradiso, a craft cannabis, vacation-inspired brand that celebrates diversity amongst a community bound by a shared affinity for quality herb. With over 10 years of experience in the cannabis trade, Christina wears many hats from compliance to finance to package design and brand development; find out who inspires her to #BreakTheBias and why she set out to forge her own path in the cannabis industry.

What inspired you to create your craft cannabis brand, Paradiso?

About two years ago, we found ourselves with one of the largest greenhouse productions in the state of California as the regulations were being drafted. To honor our mission of being creative people from the industry working together to create quality products, we wanted to have a consumer-facing brand that would embody this. We connected with OMFGCO and the rest is history. Paradiso is your escape from the everyday and an escape from everyday cannabis products. It is a breath of fresh color, fresh flower, that we grow from the leading breeders in the state, Seed Junky and Grandiflora. We wanted to have a brand that is approachable to the new user yet respected by the everyday user, a blend of great design and great product. 

Paradiso Flower
Paradiso Flower developed in collaboration with top-breeders

Have you faced any challenges, stereotypes, or biases as a female founder? If so, how did you overcome them? 

I’ve had to be patient with people’s perceptions of me because I’m always myself 100% of the time.

What advice do you have for other female entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries? 

Stay true to yourself and respect will come! 

Paradiso Cannabis Flower
Paradiso Flower available in a selection of strains, packaged by KacePack

Which woman do you admire the most and why? 

I am always in admiration of Emerald Queen Farms. Hannah and the whole team up in Willow Creek, Humboldt, are fabulous people. Starting with building a half pipe in the middle of their grow 6 years ago, they have supported the local community by advocating for a skate park and most recently taking over a skate park in Arcata. They are truly invested in creating spaces for the community to be expressive and creative, leading to more opportunities for the next generation. I love them.

Nina Parks is someone who comes to mind. She works extensively to help create more equity within the cannabis industry through policy. I admire her so much because it takes much patience to deal with lawmakers and she selflessly does this for the greater good!!

Paradiso Single Prerolls

What do you dream of achieving with Paradiso? 

Our dream is to inspire each and every person to take a moment, breathe, and enjoy their lives! The world can truly be a better place if each person is being their best, most creative self.